May 8, 2019

Looking Forward: Women in Healthcare IT

Gender inequality in the workplace is one of the most talked-about current issues. We all know that women, in general, are paid less per dollar than their male counterparts. In fact, it’s currently estimated that women make 80.7 cents for every dollar of the average man’s salary.

Pay aside, there’s also the metaphorical “glass ceiling.” Once women enter a field, they then have a harder time receiving promotions, upper management positions, and titles with the same authority as men. So, does this affect the Healthcare Information Technology Industry? Absolutely. As a certified women-owned business, RAPID Healthcare Solutions knows the importance of empowering women and eliminating these workplace inequalities. Here’s a little bit about the current state of healthcare IT, and how we can improve gender relations moving forward.


It’s no secret that most industries are going digital. Digital health is the future of healthcare information tech, yet only 10.2% of digital health CEOs are women. Current studies show that while there are many women in these fields, few feel that they are protected against gender-based discrimination. This is often seen in the lack of promotions these women receive, and the lack of recognition they get for their work. In addition to how this discrimination affects women’s professional lives, it also impacts their daily interactions with male coworkers. Many women still feel that they are treated differently, and sometimes inappropriately by their colleagues.

So what are some of the best ways to empower women in the healthcare IT industry? First off: networking. Networking for women in particular can be a great way to find support, gain unique career advice, and collaborate on ideas for how to help one another. Joining special interest groups within your field can be great for women and other minority groups. Mentorship is another vital way for women to move up in their field, and learn from someone who has been in their shoes. Whether you’re a woman in a position of power, or an entry-level employee looking for some guidance–don’t be afraid to reach out. The women you work with have undoubtedly shared your experiences. Click here to check out Healthcare IT News’s “Women in Healthcare IT” page for news, industry updates, and event announcements.

Why does all of this matter? Firstly, diversity is now a priority in nearly every professional field. With more women in the workforce, it’s important that these healthcare organizations do everything they can to improve gender relations and combat inequality. Having more women in healthcare IT is also incredibly important from a business standpoint. Healthcare impacts everyone–regardless of gender, age, race, etc. Including people from various backgrounds ensures as many points of view as possible. Make the smartest move and make sure that the women in your organization are not just being included, but uplifted!