April 11, 2019

The Quadruple Aim: What You Need to Know

According to an article by Danielle Miller, the classic healthcare model, the Triple Aim, may require revisiting. Now, the Triple Aim has evolved into a Quadruple Aim, including:

  1. Improving the patient experience
  2. Improving the health of populations
  3. Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare
  4. Improving the work life of healthcare providers, clinicians, and staff

What does the ‘missing aim’ mean for your practice or organization?  What would improve the quality of your work life?

  • Freeing up time in your day to see more patients?
  • Being able to hire additional staff?
  • Going home at night without any charting left to do?
  • Reducing the number of patient no-shows?
  • Spending less time on administrative tasks?

The quality of life for providers, clinicians, and staff is an important piece of the healthcare delivery puzzle.  Medical practices and organizations run much like small businesses and should consider evaluating, improving and optimizing those practices the same way other small businesses do. While focusing on patient care is of the utmost importance, it’s just as important that healthcare providers don’t feel overworked, or run out of steam. Here are just a few areas to think about as you explore improving the work life of health care providers, clinicians, and staff in your office:

  • Organize your office for efficiency
    • Consider physical space design
    • Keep only what you need
    • Maintain a clean, organized workspace
    • Avoid single-points-of-failure
    • Maintain updated process documentation
  • Invest in the right tools and technology
    • Choose ‘right-sized’ solutions
    • Pay for only what you use
  • Hire subject matter experts
    • Invest in skilled professionals with the right experience.
    • Explore staff augmentation and outsourcing solutions for ad-hoc or short-term work.
    • Perform a cost/benefit analysis when considering hiring vs. outsourcing.
  • Identify and eliminate waste
    • Find and fix process inefficiencies
    • Identify where time and energy are wasted
    • Invest in tools and technology that increase efficiency
  • Get feedback from providers, clinicians, and staff
    • Understand their pain points
    • Involve the team in modifying workflows to maximize efficiency
    • Keep the lines of communication open
  • Keep an efficient patient schedule
    • Spend at least 37 hrs a week on direct patient care
    • Reduce wait times
    • Collect payments at the point of service
    • Keep updated patient records

As you consider all of this, remember RAPID Healthcare Solutions is a full-service Health IT solution provider. We value our relationships with customers, vendors, business partners, and co-workers. Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates RAPID Healthcare Solutions from most vendors.  RAPID Healthcare Solutions is a small business that takes pride in helping our clients grow their businesses and achieve the ‘missing aim’.

We provide a comprehensive range of front and back office healthcare technology solutions to protect your business information and to give you peace-of-mind. Our focus is on revenue cycle management, and we provide a variety of secure technology solutions based on four key criteria: flexibility, convenience, affordability, and expert customer support.  Let RAPID help you improve the quality of work life in your practice, and fulfill all components of the Quadruple Aim.

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