April 1, 2019

Did You Know?- RAPID Healthcare Offers Professional Services

Here at RAPID Healthcare Solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services to ensure that your claims are processed efficiently and that your office is running as smoothly as possible. We cover everything from revenue cycle management, direct Medicare access, and connectivity to every Medicare Administrative Contractor. In fact, most of our customers know us as their Network Service Vendor for submitting Medicare claims in a simple, timely fashion. What you may not know, is that we also provide professional services. That means we can help your organization with more than just technology; we can help you with virtually any of your office’s needs.

Whether you’re running a small practice, working in a hospital, or working as a billing vendor, we can help make sure your office is functioning the best it can. For example, you may be a biller for a smaller practice and notice that some of the office’s daily processes are outdated, overly complicated, or simply not working. Often times, your office can get so busy that you don’t have time to take a step back and assess what’s working well for you, and what’s slowing you down. Contact us to schedule a call to help you address your biggest pain points we will offer solutions to make your life easier.

Our team of dedicated Account Managers comes from a variety of professional backgrounds, which means we can offer advice based on best practices gathered over decades of experience. Some of the most common issues we notice are: outdated technology and slow computers, understaffed offices, lack of marketing, inefficient claims submission processes, and other workflow disruptions. Do any of these sound familiar?

Our team has experience in marketing, sales, medical billing, project management, process re-design and so much more!  We’ll work with you closely to figure out where exactly your organization needs specific improvement or updating. For example, our Customer Success Manager, April, can help you look through your rejected claims and get them corrected as quickly as possible. Let us act as a second set of eyes, so you don’t have to hire a new staff member. Maybe you just need help finding a new EHR, or maybe you need to completely overhaul your office’s current system. Maybe, you don’t even know where to begin! That’s what we’re here for. Call our sales line at 855-643-2252 to get started or send us your information and we will follow up with you.

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