January 30, 2019

Have You Updated PC-ACE?

All About Your PC-ACE Update:

If your PC-ACE software is due for an update, we made a brief webinar on what this update means for your practice. Click here to view it!

If you’re using PC-ACE Pro 32, there’s a chance you may be due (or overdue!) for a software update. Confused? For healthcare providers, PC-ACE is the free billing software provided by Medicare. Many doctors and practices use PC-ACE for their billing because it is free, quick to install, and compatible with any Windows computer. However, PC-ACE can be tricky to use and requires regular, quarterly updates.

These updates are typically minor and include updated diagnostic codes, procedure codes, and other small enhancements to the software. Missing a software update will lock you out of your PC-ACE system and keep you from processing your claims until you complete the update. This means a whole lot of unnecessary hassle for your practice, and most likely a call to your Medicare Administrative Contractor for assistance. Plus, your claims will start piling up, which means your payments will be delayed.

PC-ACE Pro 32 is updated quarterly. As of January 2019, the most recent version of PC-ACE is version 4.1. It is important to download these updates as soon as they are released in order to avoid potential errors from using an outdated version, which could affect how quickly your Medicare claims get paid. Your PC-ACE software will generate pop-up notifications when an update needs to be done, every time you log in.  Putting this update off until the last minute will only create an unnecessary headache, and put your organization’s security and revenue at risk.

If you’ve never done a PC-ACE update or need a refresher, click here to check out Ask EDI’s step-by-step instructions. Make sure you’ve backed up your information beforehand so you don’t lose anything during this process.

If you do miss the update deadline and get locked out, the best course of action is to call your Medicare Administrative Contractor. They’ll help you make sure all of your previous data is backed up and walk you through the steps of the update. Plus, they can let you know if you have to resubmit any claims, plus they can re-load any reports that may have been lost since the time of your last submission. You may also need to resend your recent claims.

How RAPID Healthcare Solutions Can Help:

If at any point during the update process you feel that you need extra help, the RAPID Healthcare Solutions team can offer some guidance. Your dedicated Account Manager can double-check that your RAPID software is good to go, and working correctly with PC-ACE. However, because PC-ACE is Medicare’s software, we are not able to review or adjust the actual data within PC-ACE. For full-scale troubleshooting, a call to your Medicare Administrative Contractor is the most efficient route.

This process may not seem too challenging, but working with the Medicare help desk can often be time-consuming. You’ll speak to a different person every time you call and have trouble getting a quick, satisfying solution. Medicare will often forward you to another unnecessary point of contact, rather than trying to solve your solution in one phone call. As much as we’d love to help, many issues related to PC-ACE have to be solved by Medicare. If they cannot solve your issue in one call, you’ll have to open a ticket, and likely speak to a new person when you call back.

Consider an Alternative:

In all the time it takes to get this update done and make sure that all your claims have gone through successful—you’re delaying your payments and potentially losing data. These unnecessarily frustrating tasks and processes often become a part of your standard work day. Yes, PC-ACE is free, but remember: you get what you pay for. How much do you value your peace of mind and convenience? Is free software worth the hassle and potential risk to your practice’s security and your revenue?

Here at RAPID, you have a dedicated account manager to help solve any issue from your first call, until we find a resolution. We give you individualized support, and you can be sure you’ll speak to the same person every time you call. We’re here to help you as much as we can, but PC-ACE issues require help from Medicare. If you’re looking to streamline your office and avoid dealing with PC-ACE and Medicare, consider switching to our RAPID Revenue Cycle Management solution. Our web-based platform allows for secure medical billing and practice management for commercial and Medicare claims. No more calls to Medicare, no more visiting individual payer portals; we’ll handle it all from online enrollment to daily troubleshooting.

RAPID RCM allows you to schedule appointments, check eligibility, receive your remits, and everything in-between in one convenient place. It’s web-based, which means updates are done automatically, without any inconvenience to you. For any issues, you can call your account manager directly and we’ll work with you to find a solution as quickly as possible. Doing everything in one place can save you a whole lot of time (and headaches), and guarantee that you get paid faster.