July 17, 2018

A Note from Our Director

Asking for customer feedback is so important but can sometimes come with feelings of trepidation.  It can be difficult to hear about what has gone wrong or what needs to be fixed.  At RAPID we love getting positive customer feedback but we also value customers who share their challenges – those are our opportunities for improvement.  Our most recent customer satisfaction survey results are in, and I wanted to share some of the feedback we received, along with some of our planned improvements.

Overwhelmingly, our customers are satisfied with our products and services!  Loyal and new customers alike used the following words to describe us:

  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Good value

RAPID was rated “extremely responsive” to customer support requests with “high” to “very high” customer service ratings.

Response times and quality service are incredibly important in healthcare, especially when your revenue is at stake.  If you missed our post about what to expect from your Medicare NSV, check it out here.

While our customer feedback was resoundingly positive, one key opportunity was highlighted in the survey responses – some of our customers using client-based software solutions would like to see installation fees reduced.  The RAPID team works very hard to provide affordable, right-sized solutions to all of our customers but this is still some actionable feedback.  One way for us to address this concern is to promote our web-based applications to customers still relying on client-based software to connect to CMS.  Additionally, we commit to being flexible and accommodating with all of our customers so that cost is never a barrier to reliable, high quality products and services.

It is our pleasure to serve customers across the US who deliver the same high-quality service to healthcare consumers.  We are all patients, and at RAPID we want our customers to worry about patients – not technology, that’s our business!

To our current customers, thank you for your business!  If you’re reading this and you haven’t worked with us yet, please reach out to the team to learn more about how we can help you.


Jessica L. Hasler

Director of Business Development & Sales

RAPID Healthcare Solutions