February 20, 2018

What to Expect from Your Medicare Network Service Vendor (NSV)

In 2015 Medicare eliminated dial-up connections for claims, remittance and status inquiry transactions.  Since then, a handful of Network Service Vendors have been approved to provide connectivity to Medicare, but how do you choose which Network Service Vendor to work with?  Here are some important considerations when shopping for a NSV:

Flexible contract terms

Different Network Service Vendors have different terms and conditions.  You should be cautious not to lock yourself into an arrangement you can’t walk away from, or get penalized for if you need to change vendors before the contract expiration date.  If the level of service becomes unacceptable and you’re in a one or two-year contract it can be difficult or expensive to terminate the agreement.  Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for pricing that is aligned with your volume of transactions.  If you have fewer transactions than most, you should not have to pay the same monthly or annual rate as the large hospital system across the street.

US-based Support

Your Network Service Vendor should be available for system training and technical support when you need it.  When you call the NSV your call should be answered promptly, by a real person.  Of course, during Medicare “dark days” and periods of service interruption you may experience a short hold time, but you should not expect to have to navigate through a complicated phone tree or be forced to open a ticket or leave a message any time you require assistance.  Your time is valuable and you should consider this when comparing NSV service fees.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once you’ve become a customer, who is responsible for your relationship with your NSV?  Even if you never experience a problem, you should have the name of an account manager you can call on directly with any questions about your contract, training or technical support.  If your NSV isn’t easy to reach it will likely cost you in time and hassle down the road.


RAPID Healthcare Solutions has been a Medicare-approved NSV since the very beginning.  With two offices in the US, we have been providing technology solutions to healthcare customers for over 20 years.  Customized training, unlimited technical support and a dedicated Account Manager are the keys to our customer’s success.  RAPID Healthcare Solutions also offers flexible payment schedules and competitive pricing.  Contact RAPID to learn more about the different solutions available to make your front and back offices work more efficiently.